22 aci marine hrvatska slika


ACI Marinas are offering their visitors the wide spectre of possibilities when it comes to boat berths. With many marinas in Croatia open all year round, you can find a perfect marina to book a monthly berth in Adriatic


ACI marina Umag is located in the heart of the attractive bay of Umag. ACI Umag is an ideal destination for hedonists looking for an active holiday because it is situated in the immediate vicinity of the tennis courts within the Stella Maris complex where the prestigious ATP tennis tournament - Croatia Open is held. Umag is the starting point for all sailors interested in gastronomy and who want to experience something new as there are prestigious restaurants, taverns and wineries in Umag. ACI Marina Umag prides itself on the Blue Flag and guarantees its sailors impeccable cleanliness of the sea and marina’s surroundings and excellent equipment and service of friendly staff. The capacity of this marina is 475 wet berths for a boat in the sea and 40 dry berths for vessels up to 40 meters long. Each berth has a connection for electricity and water.


Rovinj is often referred to as Istrian jewel. This charming little town is home to a newly constructed ACI marina with a breathtaking view of Rovinj. The marina will be open for boaters at the beginning of 2019. This modernly equipped marina in Rovinj is striving to become a one-stop-shop destination that will provide its visitors with a wide range of services with the latest technological solutions, thus becoming the first ACI marina of the prestigious category. The capacity of this marina will be 192 wet berths for vessels of an average length of up to 18 meters. Hurry up and book a monthly berth in this fantastic marina in Istria.

aci marina pula

The harbor in Pula has been open for trading and travelers since ancient times, and that’s where ACI marina Pula found its home. This marina is situated right below the Pula "Arena", which is a Roman Amphitheatre that dates from ancient times and other historical sights which makes it a perfect marina in Croatia for booking a monthly berth. The beautiful, safe and well-equipped marina in Pula offers you an unforgettable experience that brings you back to ancient history, opens the door to exploring the best of Istria and enjoying yourself at one of beautiful Pula beaches. This marina in Pula has a capacity of 192 wet berths than can accommodate vessels up to 40m in length.

aci marina pomer

Pomer is a charming, traditional Istrian small town situated in the deepest part of Medulin Bay. This beautiful marina offers sailors everything they need for their boats - technical service, a crane for vessels up to 30 tons, an automated and guarded trolley entrance, a car park, new dry-box energy boxes and a prepaid wastewater lifting station. The capacity of this marina is 294 wet berths and 30 dry mooring berths.

aci marina cres

Cres is a go to destination for lovers of untouched nature, active vacation and clean sea. This spacious island marina in Croatia can accommodate very large yachts, which makes Cres extremely attractive to world jet-sets and successful businessmen. The capacity of this marine is 461 wet berths and it can accommodate vessels up to 40 meters of length.

aci marina opatija

Opatija is the city in Kvarner region which has the longest tradition of tourism in Croatia. ACI marina Opatija is located in Ičići, right under the Učka mountain which provides safety from strong winds for its guests sailing with boats up to 40 meters long. The capacity of the marina in Opatija is 283 wet berths in the sea and 35 dry berths at mainland.

aci marina šimuni

This beautiful marina is located at the very entrance to the northern Dalmatia - on the island which is known for being compared to the surface of the Moon- Pag. Pag is a specific island because of its appearance and vision and lack of vegetation, which is why many compare it to the earlier mentioned surface of the Moon. Pag is famous for the Pag lace, Pag cheese, salt factories and beautiful Mediterranean ambience, therefore, it is an ideal destination for hedonists who are searching for a monthly berth in Croatia. The capacity of ACI marine Šimuni is 191 wet berths and 45 dry berths.

aci marina vodice

The town of Vodice is surrounded by the sea, and in the very center of the town ACI marina Vodice is situated. It is protected with two wavebreakers. It provides boaters and their vessels with primarily safe and then unforgettable experience because it is located near the restaurants, clubs, beaches the sights of the two National Parks - Krka and Kornati. The capacity of the marina in Vodice is 382 wet berths in the sea and 55 dry berths.

aci marina jezera

ACI marina Jezera is located on the island of Murter, in the southern part of the Jezera bay which is famous for small,private beaches. Explore all the beaches of Murter island and start the perfect summer adventure by booking a monthly berth. The capacity of the this marina is 233 wet berths and 60 dry berths on the mainland.

aci marina skradin

The Marina in Skradin is specific because of the water that is a mixture of sweet and sea salt water and makes it an extraordinary destination for the owners of wooden vessels. The capacity of this unique marina is 180 wet berths. In the immediate vicinity of the ACI marina Skradin, there is an anchor Sparrow which has a capacity of 18 buoys for vessels up to 15 meters in length, and is open throughout the year.

aci marina trogir

The Marina in Trogir which offers a monthly berthing is located across from the old city core of this charming town that is distinguished by medieval architecture under the protection of UNESCO. Capacity of the ACI marina Trogir is 174 berths in the sea, and 35 places for boat accommodation on the mainland.

aci marina split

Split is a city that dates back to the Roman Empire. Its perfectly preserved old town core witnesses again untold historical stories, hides excellent restaurants, wine cellars and provides a perfect Mediterranean atmosphere. ACI marina Split is located in the most beautiful part of the city harbor, and the wavebreaker is what is providing the perfect protection for boats throughout the year. The capacity for the vessels of this marina in Split is 318 wet berths and 30 dry berths for boats on land.

aci marina milna

Marina situated in Milna is the most protected, most beautiful and largest marina on the island of Brač. Since it is located in the bay it provides safety, superb equipment for sailors and guarantees unforgettable experience to its visits. This marina on Brač has an mooring capacity of 170 wet berths as well as 15 dry berths.

aci marina VRBOSKA

The smallest place on the island of Hvar is Vrboska. ACI marina Vrboska is sheltered from the winds and is equipped to meet the standards of the most demanding sailors. This island marina has an accommodation capacity of 119 wet berths in the sea and 12 dry berths on mainland.


Korčula is widely known as "Little Dubrovnik" because of its specific stone architecture of the town which is surrounded by walls-just like Dubrovnik. Marina in Korčula provides an unforgettable view of this best preserved medieval town on the Mediterranean. You can find 159 wet berths for vessels up to 45 meters long and 16 dry berths.


The youngest at the ACI marina club, which was named in honor of the designer of ACI Marina Veljko Barbieri chain, was built in the beautiful place Slano near Dubrovnik. This marina provides sailors with 193 wet berths.


The most southern ACI marina is located in the legendary city of Dubrovnik. A large marina that is offering its visitors the quality of services. Specialty of this marina is that it has a golf course open for sailors anchored in ACI marina Dubrovnik. It primarily provides a safe haven for boats up to 60 meters long. The capacity of this marvelous marina is 380 wet berths in the sea and 120 dry berths on land.